A Whole Person Approach to Psychiatry (200102)

Unit Type Core Unit
Credit Points 10
Delivery Mode Face to face onsite, e-Learning (online), Mixed / blended, Part Time

This unit emphasises an integrative approach to collaborative mental health care with a focus on the development of holistic medical practice in assessment and management of people with lived experience of mental illness. 

Students will study mood and anxiety disorders as they begin to increase their skills as medical experts in understanding how to perform and report thorough strength-based biopsychosocial psychiatric assessments in ways that engage with persons with lived experience.  Assessments form the basis for integrating all available information to accurately formulate and diagnose conditions, and students will learn how to collaboratively build evidence-based, biopsychosocial and cultural management plans addressing potential effects on physical health.  

The foundations of the students’ lifelong learning will be strengthened through examination of reflective practice, feedback and supervision.  Students will actively participate in critical evaluation of the literature and utilise the principles of adult education in teaching both peers and others. 

Learning Outcomes:

With reference to knowledge of people with mood and anxiety disorders, by  the end of this unit students will be able to:


Demonstrate how the ’medical expert’ and ‘scholar’ medical competencies can be utilised to support the recovery journeys of people with mental illness.


Critically appraise and apply contemporary psychiatric knowledge, treatment guidelines and research to inform appropriate care strategies.


Construct, perform and report a comprehensive strength-based biopsychosocial mental health assessment, formulation, diagnosis and initial care plan that meets professional guidelines.


Demonstrate application of reflection upon personal learning goals and identify opportunities to improve recovery informed practice.


Actively participate in adult learning and teaching through giving and receiving feedback with colleagues and in use of supervision.