Key Staff

Ms Rhonda Loftus

Executive Director, Mental Health and Higher Education

Mr Mark Wilbourn

Director, Education and Training, Mental Health Portfolio

Dr Roderick McKay

Director Psychiatry and Mental Health Programs

Dr Amanda Rosso Buckton

Framework Coordinator, Psychiatric Medicine

Dr Magella Lajoie

Director of Advanced Training, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr Kerry-Ann Grant

Framework Coordinator, Applied Mental Health Studies

Ms Anna Curtis

Course Coordinator – Child and Adolescent

Dr Alison Ryder

Course Coordinator – Adult Mental Health

Kathy Solanki

Unit Coordinator Relationship Based Approaches to Intervention in Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

Ms Lisa Wong

Course Coordinator – Older Persons Mental Health Specialisation

Dr Justine Ellis

Specialist Lead, Psychiatry

Ms Rosemary Dickson

AMHOCN Network Coordinator

Dr May Su

Specialist Lead, General Practice

Dr Leanne Craze

Unit Coordinator, Fundamentals of Recovery-Oriented Care

Dr Anthony Llewellyn

Specialist Lead, Rural and Remote Medicine

Dr Peri O’Shea

Unit Coordinator, Leadership Practice in Mental Health

Dr Tania Trapolini

Unit Coordinator Assessment and Formulation in Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

Mr Richard Gilfillan

Unit Coordinator - Clinical Supervision Theory and Practice

    North Parramatta Campus

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NSW 2151

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   (02) 9840 3838

    Gladesville Office

Building 12, Gladesville Hospital
Shea Close, Gladesville
NSW 2111

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