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Vision and Strategy

Our Vision is to provide contemporary, evidence based higher education responsive to NSW Health's current and emerging needs.

Our Mission is to establish higher education as a critical element of the education available through the Health Education and Training Institute.

We deliver excellence in health care through quality education and training that is:

  • Patient centred
  • Learner focused
  • Focused on servicing our partners and
  • Connects people

Our Goals include the following:

  1. Approach: Establish the Health Education and Training Institute as a respected and valued Higher Education Provider.
  2. Governance: Enhance structures and systems to support responsive higher education development and delivery.
  3. Delivery: Provide contemporary evidence based higher education targeting current and emerging NSW Health workforce needs.
  4. Capability: Build the Health Education and Training Institute's higher education capability and capacity.

For more information, see the HETI Higher Education Strategic Plan.



    North Parramatta Campus

Building 101, Cumberland Hospital
5 Fleet Street, North Parramatta
NSW 2151

   (02) 9840 3833
   (02) 9840 3838

    Gladesville Office

Building 12, Gladesville Hospital
Shea Close, Gladesville
NSW 2111

   (02) 9844 6551
   (02) 9844 6544

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