Mental Health Capstone (300304)

Unit Type Core Unit
Credit Points 10
Pre-requisite Unit: 300302 Research and Project Planning
Delivery Mode e-Learning (online), Part Time

The Mental Health Capstone builds on the skills, knowledge and understanding developed in the Research and Project Planning unit. Students critically evaluate and consolidate their knowledge and learning experiences, related to the Course Learning Outcomes and Graduate Attributes, in a project, generating new knowledge or insights which can be applied to the improvement of mental health care, development of their professional career, or as a first step toward further postgraduate study. The Mental Health Capstone is the final unit of study for students enrolled in the Master of Applied Mental Health Studies and the Master of Psychiatric Medicine.

Learning Outcomes


Integrate and synthesise information from a range of relevant sources to actively create a project that incorporates and values contributions of people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and communities.


Critically reflect upon the breadth of competencies to support people with mental illness in pursuing recovery and the implications for student lifelong learning.


Consistently and judiciously use information technology; communicate via a compelling and authoritative written and verbal style.


Apply, review and evaluate the transferability of psychiatric, mental health and other health research findings across practice settings and disciplines.


Analyse implications of Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing for mental health improvements.


Demonstrate an advanced and integrated understanding of complex mental health issues through the translation of research outcomes to improve mental health care.


Contribute to the generation of new knowledge through research, service evaluation and/or advanced academic endeavour.