Online Learning

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At HETI we have invested in innovative learning systems and technologies to ensure we provide a high quality and engaging online student experience. Online learning is the mode of delivery for all Applied Mental Health Studies students and is optional for Psychiatric Medicine students who can also choose to study on-campus or undertake a blend of both modalities.

Learning Management System

HETI Higher Education uses the myHETI to deliver learning through readings, presentations and other media rich content. The aim is to provide students with interactive and engaging learning. All unit information and resources, communication and assignments are uploaded through myHETI which uses a plagiarism checker.

myHETI is also used for:

  • Web forum discussion and interaction
  • Video podcasts and live-streaming
  • Feedback and evaluation

Web Forums and Internet Access

Students undertaking postgraduate study at HETI Higher Education will require reliable internet access and will be expected to participate in web forums, which are considered to be part of the learning process and are used both formally and informally.

At a formal level – students are required to undertake web forum tasks, and respond to discussion points. Participation in these activities forms part of the overall assessment for the unit of study so students must have regular access to the internet. Most of the web forum activities ask for your views and opinions on issues and your postings will be commented on and responded to.

At an informal level – students can use the web forums to chat to other students, get advice about assignments and discuss any general issues associated with the unit. Web forums are meant to be 'conversation' based. Students should feel free to write casually, express an opinion, use bullet points etc., as suits the student's own style. Students are expected to respond to the contributions of others, as one of the main benefits of a web forum is the opportunity to 'talk' to peers.

Technical Requirements

A personal computer (preferably less than three years old) with:

  • Access to the internet
  • A modern web browser
  • Ability to save documents in Microsoft Office format
  • Audio/video playback capabilities
  • A web cam and microphone (required in some courses)

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