Building and facilities

Students Attending the Parramatta Campus

For students attending the Parramatta campus they can access the Cumberland Hospital Security Team at any time of the day or night should safety or security needs arise. This includes any requirements for an escort by contacting 0417 201 199

Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are available to students for individual and group study sessions. The quiet space offers study groups a collaborative space to facilitate one another's learning. It is also an ideal location to meet with visitors on site.

To book a room please Contact Us.

Tea Room

The kitchen located on the ground floor of the main building (building 101) is available to students.  There are several tables which staff and students are welcome to use, along with tea, coffee, water and biscuits.

There are numerous cafes located in North Parramatta within a short walk of the North Parramatta campus.

Courtyard and Surrounds

The North Parramatta campus features a courtyard and surrounding gardens in the historical Cumberland Hospital Campus. The courtyard is open to all students to use in their free time to relax, study, or enjoy their lunch.
Local shops and businesses are within walking distance of the campus. The free Parramatta shuttle bus stop is a short walk from the campus, and provides quick access to Parramatta CBD and surrounds.

    North Parramatta

Building 101, Cumberland Hospital
5 Fleet Street, North Parramatta
NSW 2151

   (02) 9840 3833
     (02) 9840 3838

    Gladesville Office

Building 12, Gladesville Hospital
Shea Close, Gladesville
NSW 2111

    (02) 9844 6551