Recovery-oriented philosophy

A middle aged woman shares a coffee and engages in conversation with a friend in the comfort of her home.

This means we are about supporting the journey to recovery for people with mental illness by maximising hope, optimism, strength, resilience, self-determination, self-management and advocacy.

A graduate of Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) Higher Education will have the attributes required to work and continue developing in an interprofessional healthcare environment. With enhanced cognitive, technical, creative, and communication skills, the graduates will display an increased capacity for:

  • Applying the values, knowledge and skills of their own profession to provide and develop person- centred care with individuals and their carers within their communities of choice
  • Fostering ongoing collaborative interprofessional practice through an understanding of the values, roles, responsibilities and competence of other health professions and the diverse communities served through their practice
  • Being an ethical reflective practitioner with sound decision making abilities through the clear, critical and creative thinking; and a deep understanding of the principles and practices of self-awareness
  • Being inclusive and future focussed through ongoing, innovative work-integrated life-long learning
  • Utilise research evidence, principles and methods to improve health outcomes for all

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