Application to Practice


HETI Higher Education was established especially to meet the needs of the NSW Health workforce. For this reason our programs are designed to be more than theory by being applicable and relevant to practice. We aim to build capability through new knowledge and skills by enabling students to draw on their own work experience, perceptions and values while applying critical thinking. Therefore students’ workplace experience forms an integral part of the applied learning approach.

With the reform of the mental health system, education for the mental health workforce needs to reflect the new principles, provide innovative thinking and inspire leadership. Established to be a leader in health education and training, HETI is uniquely positioned within the health sector to deliver this for the health workforce.

"To support people with mental illness we need a mental health workforce of the right size with the right characteristics to meet the demand for services, both in the community and in hospitals. We also need our mental health workforce to understand and support the philosophy of recovery and to have the skills and tools to provide services that are recovery focused"

Living Well, A Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW 2014-2024, p.97 - Developed by the NSW Mental Health Commission.

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