Welcome to the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI). We are excited that you have considered HETI as your provider of specialised health higher education.

This Student Info section contains links to important student related information such as policies and procedures, student services, facilities and key contacts. Consider it like your traditional ‘Student Handbook’, only online and easier to use.

The purpose of HETI is to develop and deliver education and training that supports excellence in health care across the NSW Health system and beyond.

The HETI journey as a Higher Education Provider commenced in 2017 to support system-wide improvements in delivering education and training. In particular, HETI Higher Education will focus on mental health education and will therefore be a substantial enabler to mental health reform through enhanced recovery-oriented higher education programs.

To find out more about HETI, visit www.heti.nsw.gov.au


    North Parramatta

Building 101, Cumberland Hospital
5 Fleet Street, North Parramatta
NSW 2151

   (02) 9840 3833
     (02) 9840 3838

    Gladesville Office

Building 12, Gladesville Hospital
Shea Close, Gladesville
NSW 2111

    (02) 9844 6551