Your Teaching Staff

The Psychiatric Medicine Framework is supported by both internal academics and a broad range of academics, clinicians, consumers and carers from across NSW and sometimes beyond.

Over 80 experts contributed to teaching Psychiatric Medicine courses in 2017.

Dr Rebekah Ahmed, Dr Adrian Allen, Dr Chuck Austin-Woods, Dr Umesh Babu, Dr Richard Baker, Dr Nick Bendt, Dr Renee Bittoun, Dr Jan Blenkinsop, Dr Bruce Boman, Dr Vlasios Brakoulios, Dr Michael Bull, Mr Paul Callaghan, Dr Jackie Curtis, Dr Brian Draper, Dr David Dossetor, Dr Adrian Dunlop, Dr Angela Dixon, Dr Catherine Cahill , Dr Hanna Choi, Dr Pravin Dullur, Dr Kerri Eagle, Dr Valsa Eapen, Mr Phil Escott, Dr Andrew Ellis, Mr John Fenelley, Dr Jason Fowler, Dr Paul Fung, Dr Natalie Glasser, Dr Anthony Harris, Dr Philippa Hay, Dr Cath Hickie, Dr Matthew Holton, Dr Sophie Isobel, Ms Fay Jackson, Dr Rajeev Jairam, Dr Marianne Jauncey, Dr Jarret Johnston, Dr Megan Kalucy, Dr Ross Kalucy, Dr Noeline Latt, Dr Jo-Dee Lattimore, Dr Joey Le, Dr Ryan Lee, Dr Melissa Levi, Dr Ria Leonard, Dr Dina Mahmood, Dr Matthew McFarlane, Ms Sharyn McGee, Ms Judith Mackson, Dr Catherine Mason, Dr Louise Nash, Dr Julian Nasti, Dr Iain McGregor, Dr Loyola McLean, Dr Toby McKinnon, Dr Kristof Mikes-Liu, Dr Phillip Mitchell, Dr Jeremy O’Dea, Dr Jan Orman, Ms Peri O’Shea, Dr Annie Parsons, Dr Margot Phillips, Dr Carmen Porter, Dr Kumudu Rathnayaka, Dr Daniel Riordan, Dr Julie Robotham, Dr Chris Ryan, Dr Paul Schimmel, Dr Brooke Short, Dr Janine Stevenson, Dr Jeff Streimer, Dr Anne-Marie Swan, Dr Rohan Taylor, Dr Tad Tietze, Dr Julian Trollor, Dr Suman Tyagi, Ms Gordana Vasic, Dr Caroline de Vries, Dr Danielle Winch, Dr Kay Wilhelm, Dr Chris Wilcox, Dr Hester Wilson, Dr Valerie Yeung

Our internal staff are all active educators and include:

Dr Roderick McKay

Director Psychiatry and Mental Health Programs.

Dr McKay has extensive experience as a clinical academic, clinician, clinical director, policy advisor and leadership within the RANZCP including as Chair of the Community Collaboration Committee, binational Chair of the Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age, member of General Council and member of the Practice, Policy and Partnerships Committee. Currently providing fly in fly out clinical services to Far Western NSW.

Dr Amanda Rosso Buckton

Framework Coordinator Psychiatric Medicine

Dr Amanda Rosso Buckton completed her PhD in social and cultural anthropology with an examination of women’s lived experiences of mental distress within localised medical and religious worlds. Amanda provides expertise in qualitative research methodologies as well as promoting the importance of contextualised perspectives, taking into account the social, cultural, historical, economic and political conditions that influence and determine health encounters within psychiatric contexts.

Dr Justine Ellis

Professional Lead - Psychiatry

Dr Justine Ellis has worked in a variety of settings in private and public practice including in Australia and UK. Justine currently works in a private child psychiatry practice with a special interest in long term psychotherapy, couples psychotherapy and traumatised children. Justine has previously taught in the NSWIOP Master of Mental Health (General Practitioner) and Master of Psychiatry programs.

Dr May Su

Professional Lead - General Practice

Dr May Su attained a Masters in Mental Health (General Practitioner) at NSW Institute of Psychiatry (NSWIOP) in 2010 and has been an active educator since that time. May is an Australian General Practice Training Supervisor and Royal Australian College of General Practice Examiner. She is founder/ associate of a General Practitioner Support Group, and has facilitated Medical Board supervision. May clinically sees the breadth of General Practice, with a special interest in mental health.

Dr Louise Stone

Professional Lead- Rural and Remote Practice

Dr Louise Stone is a practicing GP and leading GP and medical educator; with clinical, teaching, research and policy interests in mental health. With close ties to both the ACRRM and RACGP, Louise has provided mental health courses across Australia, face to face and online and is keen to explore methods of developing effective communities of practice without the tyranny of distance. Louise has been a Senior Medical Advisor for the Australian GP Training program from 2007-2017 and held national roles in mental health standards and curriculum, research capacity development and ethics.

Dr Kerry-Ann Grant

Framework Coordinator- Applied Mental Health Studies

Dr Kerry-Ann Grant coordinates research units and regularly contributes to HETI’s research culture in higher education. Kerry-Ann completed her PhD at Macquarie University and then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California. She has led several studies examining the impact of early life stress on maternal wellbeing and infant social, emotional and cognitive development. Kerry-Ann is currently leading a multidisciplinary, multisite longitudinal study investigating stress and coping around routine prenatal testing.

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